Greater Prairie Chicken and Sharp Tail Grouse are native to the Sandhills. One of the premier bird watching activities is to watch the Greater Prairie Chickens in their Booming Dance. Ask us about the possibility of observing this spectacular display. These birds are hunted in the fall. Theres pubic access for hunting and viewing at the Nebraska National Forest.

Turkeys have been reintroduced to the Sandhills and are quite a common sight now, especially along the rivers, creeks and deep canyons. There are both Merriam and Rio Grand species in the Sandhills.

The Sandhills are great habitat for both Mule and White Tail Deer. Again the Nebraska National Forest is available for public access.

Deer, turkeys, prairie chickens, sharp-tailed grouse, water fowl, coyotes, rabbits, raccoons, badgers, and skunks may be seen.

If you would like a guided hunt for a specific specie, please contact us and we can arrange a guided hunt for you.…